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Columbus Day Weekend 2008 Photo Rendezvous
Chip Ahoy and Malacass
October 12-13, 2008

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I almost pulled Chip Ahoy out for the winter last week.  I'm glad I didn't or I'd be kicking myself this Columbus Day Weekend, with its gift of beautiful weather -- well, we could use a bit more wind.  John Graichen and I decided to meet up and take some end-of-the-season photos of each other's boats.  We located each other up beyond Bakers and Misery Islands off the coast of Manchester.  (Oct. 12, 2008)

After passing by each other I came about and caught up to Malacass.  The last couple of days have been unseasonably warm, reaching for 70 and sunny.  This high-pressure pattern is supposed to stretch into the coming mid-week, though the wind is light.

John and his buddy Ed got an earlier start than I, so were up the coast when I reached him by cell phone around noon.  They were heading back south off the coast of Magnolia, so I headed north toward Misery Island.  We figured we'd meet somewhere around The Bakers-Misery Islands channel.  John reported very light wind at his location, but Chip Ahoy was pushing 4 knots in an almost flat Salem Sound with a steady 5 to maybe 10 knot breeze from the SE.

After spotting each other off the Manchester coast, we got together and these photos followed.

John, taking a photo of me taking a photo of Malacass.

Approaching the Bowditch Ledge Daybeacon with the Salem power plant on the horizon.

Malacass passing the granite daybeacon.

Uh oh, problems.  When he went to start the outboard its starter cord snapped, but fortunately John had a spare aboard.  Hey, nice rudder and tiller you've got there, buddy!  Oh yeah, that's Chip Ahoy's old one John recently bought from me after Malacass's rudder broke off and was lost at sea.

And just as fortunately, I was around to retrieve the starter cord's handle grip when it flew overboard.  Good thing it floats.  Yeah, you have to tie a knot in the cord to keep it attached!  But all's well that ends well, and John soon had the motor running.

Chip Ahoy - Photos by John Graichen aboard Malacass

Chip Ahoy approaching Malacass after spotting it off the coast of Manchester.  Marblehead Neck is in the background.  (Oct. 12, 2008)

Chip Ahoy passing by Malacass.

Past Malacass I came about with a controlled jibe to catch up to John and Ed.  Light air has its benefits.

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Taking advantage of a late-season weather gift!
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