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Chip Ahoy's 2006 Cape Cod Cruise

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I brought Chip Ahoy to the Village Street town dock the night before my departure, the night of Aug. 1, loaded up everything that was coming along on my cruise, slept aboard, and was ready to depart at dawn on Wednesday, Aug. 2.

The next morning, Wednesday, Aug. 2, I cast off my dock lines at 6:30, just after dawn, and was on my way.  I made it to Scituate in record time with a westerly wind blowing offshore at 10-15 knots gusting to 20.  There I got a slip at the town marina.  (Aug. 2)

The next morning I made my longest distance crossing out of sight of land.  In the middle of Cape Cod Bay I was 15 miles out of sight of land in any direction. It got tricky when the sea buoy out in the middle was missing -- as was the next sea buoy off Provincetown.  But by then, I could see P'town off in the distance, knew all systems were go, that the buoys for whatever reason were simply not on location.  In Provincetown I managed to secure a mooring for what I expected would be two nights.  My purpose there was to deliver a recently deceased friend's ashes for a memorial service.  (Aug. 3)

Chip Ahoy is moored in the left quarter of the photo on the left.

Starr's perhaps best friend in the world, Jude, owns the the Outer Cape Kite Shop.  I bought Barbara a "spinnie thing" weather vane to add to her collection at home.  (Aug. 4)

Chip Ahoy on its mooring in Provincetown, taken from the marina launch -- part of the service it provides with a mooring rental.  As I was beginning to realize, it would be a long time before I could climb into or out of the dinghy for photos, as I've normally done on past cruises, due to my injured ribs.

The Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, forward from Chip Ahoy's bow.  It was the first thing I spotted from out at sea when the buoys weren't available, and knew I was heading in the correct direction -- and not to Portugal or Spain.

We held our personal memorial service and scattered Starr's ashes off the beach here, driving out into the sand dunes in Jude's four-wheel drive at sunset on the evening of my arrival.  (Aug. 6)

When we'd arrived, I recognized the lighthouse and finger of land from my sail into Provincetown.  I knew I could get a shot of it coming out on my way to Sesuit Harbor in East Dennis on the Cape (though left to me, I'd call it North Dennis as it's on the north side of the Cape).

Keith Gattozzi ("Lorraine B") of the discussion group list, and his son Keith, Jr., met me at the dock and were kind enough to bring the dinghy over to the dinghy dock for me:  I was quite unable to drop down into it with my painful ribs.  (Aug. 6)

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