Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

 For Immediate Sale!

SOLD -- $2,500!
Delivered:  May 1, 2007

1980 Catalina 22 Swing Keel “Carpe Diem”

Hull #:  CTYH9364M800

Location:  Marblehead, Massachusetts
For more information, call:  781-639-9709

For sale by new owner, a 1980 Catalina 22 swing keel sailboat in excellent condition for an unbeatable price.

I know it's in excellent condition because I know the previous owner, Wally --  a good friend and sailing buddy, and I know the boat.  Since he bought his Alerion 28, “Rocinante,” last year, he's had “Carpe Diem” up for sale, parked alongside my house.  He didn't put a whole lot of interest or effort into selling it over the past year -- he's been too involved with his new boat I suspect -- so I recently offered to buy it from him.  My interest in his boat and trailer is the newer trailer.  Whoever buys “Carpe Diem” will get my older trailer with the sale, which I've put a lot of work into over the years but use only twice annually:  to launch and haul-out “Chip Ahoy,” a total of five or six miles back and forth each season.

And I surely know the price is unbeatable.  In December of 2002 I bought “Chip Ahoy” -- a 1974 C22 swing keel -- for $2,500.  It included the trailer and an old Volvo-Penta 9.9 hp outboard that never worked, was trash.  “Carpe Diem” is six years newer and has a fine Evinrude 8 hp outboard that works perfectly with no more than 30 hours of running on it.  The most important difference is, “Chip Ahoy” was a basic, stock, stripped-down C22 that needed all kinds of things done to it (see what I've done, and what it's cost me so far, by clicking here.)  The previous owner of “Carpe Diem” has already done many if not most of those same upgrades and maintenance.

Whoever buys “Carpe Diem” will have a boat that -- with a little cleaning-up after sitting for a year -- is ready to launch and sail from Day One!  Everything's there, everything's been done to it already.

Wally was asking $5,500 for his boat last year.  I'm offering it now for $2,000 less.

Wally is a stickler for maintenance and functionality, and “Carpe Diem” shows it.

If you're interested in looking over “Carpe Diem” or just seeking more information, give me a call at:

Chip Ford
Marblehead, Mass.

Or e-mail me by clicking here

More Photos of “Carpe Diem”

Rendezvous and Photo Shoot
(July 2, 2005)
Nahant to Marblehead for Hauling Out
(November 10, 2004)

l  1995 Evinrude 8 hp 2 stroke with not more than 30 hours on it; was professionally maintained, complete service manual.

l  6 gallon portable fuel tank.

l  Single axle trailer.

l  Electronics:  Depthfinder, VHF radio.

l  Electric:  12v, single battery (2003).  Bow and stern running lights, mast anchor light, cabin lights.

l  Interior:  Full cabin cushions in very good condition, slide out galley (sink and water holding tank), Danforth anchor, rode & chain, swim ladder, 4 life preservers, fire extinguisher, throw cushions, boat hook.

l  Deck:  Lifesling, bulkhead-mounted compass (2004), 4 fenders, cabin pop-top vinyl enclosure.  Sail cover and tiller (new) cover.

l  Sails:  Thurston sails in very good condition:  main, genoa, jib, and storm jib.

-- Upgrades made --
All purchased new from “Catalina Direct

l  Chainplate eye bolts for shrouds.  ($109.95)

l  All standing rigging.  ($379.95)

l  Running rigging:  External halyards, halyard plate, deck organizers, etc.  ($369.95)

l  Jib downhaul kit.  ($39.95)

l  Single line reefing assembly, turning blocks, etc. ($98.30)

l  Mast step.  ($29.95)

l  Double Rope clutches (2).  ($123.95 x 2)

l  Mast-Up mast stepper.  ($139.95)

l  Adjustable back stay.  ($194.95)

l  Quick release forestay.  ($48.95)

l  Bow eye and stem reinforcement kit.  ($23.10 / $38.95)

l  Keel cable and keel winch.  ($44.75 / $89.30)

l  Keel turning ball, pin, hose, cable, eyebolt. etc.  ($83.57)

l  New sliding companionway hatch.  ($326.49)

l  New and upgraded kick-up rudder casting.  ($350.75)

l  Topping lift.  ($53.95)

l  Jib down haul.  ($45.95)

l  Fuel tank holding strap.  (Cost unknown)

l  New keel hanger assembly – not installed; not needed at last inspection.  ($99.50)

l  Vol #1 & Vol #2 videos for Catalina 22 upgrades from Catalina Direct.  ($29.95 x 2)

TOTAL  (listed upgrade equipment per invoices):  $2,931.23
-- Receipts (and past installation/labor additional costs) included with the sale --