Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

Sailing Season '04

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In another effort to get some photos of Chip Ahoy under sail, Wally Riddle of Nahant and I arranged to finally meet up halfway between Marblehead and Nahant where he keeps his C-22, "Carpe Diem," moored. The plan was to meet near red nun "4" off the Swampscott coast at 11:30 am. When I got down to my boat, the water was as flat as I've ever seen it, with not a wisp of wind.  (Sep. 22, 2004)

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Once outside Salem Harbor I hoisted sail and by the time I passed the mouth of Marblehead Harbor and Marblehead Light a slight breeze had developed as promised. At 10:30 I was out of Salem Sound and into Massachusetts Bay, heading toward our rendezvous.

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That's when Wally reached me on Channel 72, which we'd agreed to monitor, with the bad news: his new keel cable had broken at his mooring! He didn't want to risk sailing the boat not knowing its condition, if the keel was down and had done any structural damage when it dropped. It was too nice a day to waste, so I decided to sail the rest of the way to Nahant and take a look at his boat.

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Upon arrival I rafted up alongside Wally's Carpe Diem. His cable definitely had broken, but there didn't appear to be any further damage, though we couldn't see the keel extended beneath his boat.

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After sharing a couple beers and relaxing for an hour or so, I headed back for Marblehead at about 2:00 pm.

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The breeze had picked up nicely in the afternoon. Chip Ahoy and I averaged about 5 knots in a NW wind all the way back. I made it to the mooring just before sunset, at about 6:30 pm -- only to find that the launch service had begun operating under fall hours, and had closed down half an hour before. After picking up a few others stranded on their boats, I brought us all back to the town dock and tied up Chip Ahoy there for the night, until I could get a launch back in from my mooring the next morning.  (Sep. 22, 2004)

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Last weekend my buddy David Hudson and I took Chip Ahoy out for what I thought might be the last day sailing, but it wasn't. Today, Barbara and I went out on a perfect autumn Sunday afternoon.  (Oct. 3, 2004)

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Those idyllic days of barefoot/bare-chested sailing are behind us, but for October you can't beat it. We had a temperature in the low 60s and a steady if light NE wind, about 8 knots. Fall is upon us, with temperatures only in the low 50s in the mornings now, the day cooling off by 3:00 pm and sunset at about 6:30. Season '04 is quickly coming to an end.

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Back at the mooring for perhaps the last time before hauling out until Season '05. I'm thinking about pulling the plug on the season next week ... but I said the same thing after last weekend and here we are still. But time's definitely running out fast now.  (Oct. 3, 2004)

It's never-ending ... but summer has arrived and the real fun has begun!


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