Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

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Chip Ahoy at its Scituate Harbor dock as sun rises. I singlehanded across Boston Harbor from Marblehead the previous day just to see if I could handle it alone.  (Jul. 27, 2003)

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Yours truly with my good friend Norm of Scituate (the photo was taken by another good friend, Norm's wife Joan). Got "a little color" on the 8-hour sail down you'll undoubtedly notice.

ScitLight.jpg (214033 bytes) Chip Ahoy leaving Scituate Harbor past the Scituate Light breakwater.
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"The Great Voyage to Martha's Vineyard" (July 31-Aug 3) which took us only as far as Plymouth in miserable weather. Aboard as crew for the trip were old friends Jack Collins and his son Vince (at the tiller).

plym02.jpg (196543 bytes)

The crew of Chip Ahoy in Plymouth, Mass. That's the Mayflower in the background.

plym03.jpg (176524 bytes)

Yours truly at the tiller trying to see through the fog crossing the 15-mile Boston Harbor shipping channel on our return from Plymouth. Visibility was well under a mile (usually under 50 yards) all day ... and then we hit the vicious thunder storm and deluge. (Thank God for GPS!)

vent.jpg (223900 bytes)

After the wet and dreary 4-day weekend sail down to the South Shore and back (above), days of drying out damp clothes, sails, charts and books followed. Mold and mildew then became a problem in the cabin. In desperation, I purchased a Nicro Day & Night 2000 solar-powered ventilator with a 48-hour Nic-Cad backup battery. I pulled out the Nicro airscoop and replaced it with the ventilator using the same hole. It's exhausting 700 cubic feet of air an hour around the clock and has dried out Chip Ahoy's interior nicely.

  • Over the 2004 winter, I added a teak louver to the top cribboard for improved air circulation.
  • For the ultimate in cabin ventilation, in the spring of 2006 I cut a hole in the foredeck and added a hatch.
    faulkner.jpg (273850 bytes)

    One of my "partners in crime" in our organization, Chip Faulkner (really, there are two Chips in a four-person staff!), took the helm of Chip Ahoy during today's CLT annual staff cookout. "The Chipster" was responsible for "provisions" and you can see he did a noble job.  (Aug. 14, 2003)

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    On Saturday, my friend Dave Rizzo was the Chip Ahoy crew for an afternoon of sailing on Salem Sound through the Baker's-Misery Islands channel and back. The highlight of the day was almost losing it (cockpit coaming buried under water) when the confused skipper of a much bigger sailboat couldn't decide which way he wanted to go as he approached, regardless of "right-of-way" rules which favored us and our numerous tacking efforts to avoid him. Thankfully, Dave knows what he's doing and when to release a sheet too. Just as fortunately, I had added the transom scuppers kit!  (Aug. 16, 2003)

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    03-08-16.jpg (225589 bytes)

    Yours truly from the above trip after the adrenalin had settled. (Chip Ahoy has begun to again enjoy its element, even if its taken until mid-August 2003!)


    It's never-ending ... but the good times have arrived!


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