Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

Sailing Season 09 has arrived

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Yesterday, Day Two of the second early Memorial Day Weekend in a row, I hard-wired the new GPS Map478 Plotter to Chip Ahoy's electrical system and its DSC connection to the VHF radio. Still not as "flexible" since my surgery, I'm well on the mend, able to crawl into that space, albeit thoughtfully.  (May 25, 2009)

-- Closeup --

Squeezing myself into that hole to reach the coaming pocket -- where I installed a new rubber grommet through which the harness passes out into the cockpit, and the nylon fairleads which hold the wiring out of the way -- was the most difficult part. Thankfully, I'd added the hinged hatch! I do wonder why Garmin changed color codes for its two "data" wires ("in" and "out") between models. The rest of the job was just cutting, splicing, and sealing the connections with shrink tubing. The screw holes for the mount out on the cockpit seat are aligned the same as for my GPSMap 76CS, so I've just got to swap the mounts today.

The GPS power/DSC data wiring harness, where it exits through the new grommet in the port side coaming pocket.

The new Garmin GPSMap 478, wired and mounted -- ready to go once I install the boat's two 12v batteries.

This morning I rewrapped the spreader boots. The rigging tape I used last year didn't hold up, was unwrapping, so instead I used the self-amalgamating tape that came with the lifelines kit for wrapping swaged ends. On the lifelines it's held for a few years now, sort of melted into itself. Hopefully it'll do the same on the boots.

-- Closeup --

After cleaning and polishing most of the cabin interior and lockers with Easy Dab this afternoon (I was so impressed with the results last year that I used it again), I added the long-overdue shin guard (another photo). I've been promising myself this for years, and have the shin scars to prove it! I used a length of self-stick rubber foam weatherseal, 3/4" wide and 7/16" thick. The Frost King package claims "Minimum Compression - Superior Shock Absorbing." Sounds like just what my shins have long pleaded for!  (May 25, 2009)

Today I installed the mast track system by which I'll raise and lower the 5MileWifi antenna.  (May 31, 2009)

-- 5MileWiFi Antenna Project --

Yesterday I finished scrubbing out and detailing the cabin. It's now ready to be loaded up. (I took these photos using the Sigma wide-angle lens on my Nikon D50.) Next I'll move on the the cockpit and deck, then the hull.  (Jun. 2, 2009)

-- More Photos --

Over the weekend I finished polishing and waxing the topsides and chrome. This morning I set out to wax the hull -- but first there were a few spots I thought needed some special attention, a little hand-rubbing with a bit of 3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound.  (Jun. 8, 2009)

For Closeup Detail See:
[Large JPG file]

When I got through with those small areas, it made such a difference that I continued with the entire side to make it uniform. The couple of hours I expected to spend just waxing had expanded to twice that.

For Closeup Detail See:
[Large JPG file]

With the port side and transom hand-compounded, I switched to the Meguiar's Flagship Premium Marine Wax. Tomorrow I'll continue on with the hull's starboard side. Each spring while getting this job done, I am so glad it's only a twenty-two foot boat! I'm now gratified that I went ahead and hand-compounded the hull first before waxing it!  (Jun. 8, 2009)

For Closeup Detail See:
[Large JPG file]

Between rainfalls I completed hand-compounding and waxing the starboard side. The weather has been miserable: Relentless gray overcast, showers and occasional downpours, temperature not exceeding the 5os for days. The first blue sky just peeked late yesterday.  It's hard to believe this is mid-June -- where's that "Global Warning" when we could really use some? I hope this isn't a harbinger of another monsoon summer like last year's.  (Jun. 13, 2009)

For Closeup Detail See:
[Large JPG file]

Today I've finally begun loading up the boat with all its cruising gear, paying additional attention to weight distribution. For example, the lunch hook anchor, its chain and rode in a bag, have been relocated from beneath the cockpit forward to under the "dead space" alongside the v-berth/starboard side locker.  (Jun.13)

For Closeup Detail See:
[Large JPG file]

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It's never-ending ... but Sailing Season '09 has arrived!


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