Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

Preparing for Sailing Season '04

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The refinished keel winch installed.  (Feb. 28, 2004)

keelproj02.jpg (294850 bytes)

The new turning ball and pin, cable, and hose installed. I had to cut about " off the hose that came from Catalina Direct to clear the winch gear.  (Mar. 13, 2004)

keelproj03.jpg (326747 bytes)

On the advice from longtime C22 owner Dick King of Florida, I added a piece of PVC pipe inside the mouth of the cable hose, secured with a hose clamp. This is intended to reduce any serious wear on the cable hose edge. Also on his advice, I first mounted the winch body without the drum.

keelproj04.jpg (287624 bytes)

With the drum still removed, I attached the cable and rotated the drum to wrap it. When I got it started, I mounted the drum, added resistance to the keel end of the cable (a friend will do, as Dick suggested; I used an old tarp with the cable's keel clevis pin through a grommet then weighted the tarp with a cinder block  and cranked the cable up.

keelproj05.jpg (243207 bytes)

Mission accomplished.  (Note the wood wedge between the winch and the fiberglass frame to which it is bolted, at the top front of the winch, to set the cable in correct alignment to the hose.)

keelproj06.jpg (255829 bytes)

A view from the port side.

In 2008, I had to customize the winch handle when the grip wore out.


keelshop15.jpg (249571 bytes)

I trailered Chip Ahoy down to the boatyard where they installed the reconditioned keel. The finish coat of epoxy still needs to be sanded and bottom paint applied, which will be done before the boat's launched. The keel project ended up costing just over $2,000 -- about twice what I'd anticipated -- but it needed to be done and is perfect now.  (Mar. 15, 2004)

St_Pats01.jpg (380763 bytes)

I uncovered Chip Ahoy just two weekends back to get it ready for the keel to be hung. The keel was installed yesterday and I brought the boat home. But now we're about to be slammed with a major snowstorm (10"-15") starting this afternoon through tomorrow, St. Patrick's Day -- I've named it the St. Patrick's Day Blizzard. And another is charging at us due to arrive on Friday. This morning I got to manhandle the mast back aboard and cover Chip Ahoy all over again. So much for an early spring.  (Mar. 16, 2004)

St_Pats02.jpg (316973 bytes)

What a difference a day makes. This shot was taken 21 hours after I took the above photo. The snowstorm arrived yesterday afternoon and is still falling, but accumulation is only about 6" here and that's going to be about it. It was worth getting Chip Ahoy covered again:  and more snow is still predicted for Friday. C'mon spring; we're waiting on you!  This and the above photo were featured all morning during New England Cable News' post-storm weather reports.  (Mar. 17, 2004)

cribrds01.jpg (267242 bytes)

Last year I sanded down the faded teak-veneer finish on the cribboards and painted them white enamel. A season's wear needs refinishing, and since it's still cold out there (though spring officially arrived yesterday), it's one last indoor project I've found that can be done. I've sanded the old finish and next will paint them with two coats of off-white Petit Easypoxy Polyurethane.  (Mar. 21, 2004)

Go to Cribboard Refinishing Project

uncovered2004.jpg (437827 bytes)

Chip Ahoy, at long last officially uncovered, mast removed again, and ready to start the real work, the day before Easter Sunday.  (Apr. 10, 2004)

It's never-ending ... but the best times are again growing closer!


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