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- The Flip-Flop Bumper Sticker -

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Got a candidate or officeholder you support most of the time but who disappoints you so often you keep taking his or her bumper sticker off your car, then replacing it? My partner did, so I created "the flip-flop bumper sticker" with a few materials I had on hand.

I pasted the bumper sticker on a piece of thin acetate film then cut it to size.

On its backside I stuck on the fabric half of some Velcro material; I stuck the hooks side of the Velcro on her rear window where her old bumper sticker resided before removal.

Then I just stuck the bumper sticker to the Velcro on the window.

Today, after Sen. Scott Brown's vote yesterday against Congressman Ryan's House budget bill, our senator gets turned upside down if he votes against raising the federal debt ceiling without serious reform it'll go right side up again.  (May 26, 2011)


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