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The Mid-February Thaw of 2011

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February 17-18, 2011

Wednesday the temperature reached into the 40s, yesterday the mid- to high 50s, and when I took these photos this afternoon it was 61.  (Feb. 18, 2011)

This welcomed thaw has helped clear a lot of the snow and ice pack none too soon. Even the roofs are now clear.

Though quite muddy, the paths are down to bare ground and widening.

All but the most solid of ice pack has melted, even the heavy snow piles have begun to shrink.

This morning I tried to move the empty wood racks, but they wouldn't budge. By this afternoon I could, so took advantage of this opportunity.

I've been concerned about how I'll reach the final two racks when the third soon is empty, had spoken to Bob Donovan about him using his Bob Cat to break them up if necessary to provide access.

Once I had their feet broken free of the frozen mud and ice, I was able to pretty easily "ski" the empty three across the snow and park them alongside the other two empties. Chip Ahoy, my covered sailboat back there, still looks pretty lonely.

Chip Mate is again recognizable as a dinghy, instead of an igloo.

The Last February Snowfall of 2011 . . .
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