Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

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What's a sailboat without a dinghy?

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Having a sailboat out on a mooring obviously makes having a dinghy to get to it helpful. I'd had my eyes open for a used one since picking up "Chip Ahoy" last winter and all along it was right next door!

I spotted it one early-spring morning after uncovering "Chip Ahoy," laying in the strip of woods that separates my property from my neighbors', It was turned over much as it appears in this picture, covered with leaves and apparently there for quite some time. I asked my neighbor if he was doing anything with it.

He didn't have a boat any more, and told me if I can use it, take it away. So I dragged it up the hill that separates us, flipped it over, and inspected it more closely.

It was in really rough shape, but it had once been a fine dinghy -- or as I've since learned, properly called a dhow -- very well constructed with the best materials. It was going to be worth a restoration effort.

It will need complete refinishing, but the biggest problem is the gunwale rail. From being left upside-down on the ground for too long, I concluded, the bronze-riveted rail had rotted and was the consistency of dry Styrofoam, crumbling off in my hands. It will need replacement.

The seats are structurally in good shape but need refinishing. The bronze fittings will have to be cleaned up to remove the green corrosion.

The aft seat and transom board.

On the transom board I found a faint stencil and etching that provided a clue to the manufacturer:  ...ER DHOW - BUILT BY ANCHORAGE - PATENT # 2353020 - 1233. A Google search on the Internet led me to Dyer Boats of Warren, Rhode Island, which makes a Dyer "Dhow" Dinghy and I assume that's the builder. I've contacted them by e-mail and await a response.

I'm hoping I can buy the original material to replace the gunwale rail from Dyer Boats, but if not I'll fabricate my own.

The "gutted" dinghy.  (July 15, 2003)

What's a sailboat without a dinghy ... or a dhow!

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