Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

Don's, John's, and Chip's Great Adventure

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Sailing through Salem Channel between Bakers and Misery Islands, Bakers Island and light. John called on the cell, decided to sail around outside Bakers Island, to avoid the blanketing we'd hit if going around the backside of Misery Island. A good call, I thought.  (Aug. 17, 2009)

The backside of Bakers Island, the first time I've taken this approach. The chart showed a good hole between the island and its surrounding shoals.

Don with Bakers Island in the background.

Yours truly, wearing the pirate bandanna Barbara's grandkids bought me from the Salem Pirates' Museum in Salem, while they were visiting us.

Around Bakers Island and on our way back to Salem Harbor.

Oops, what's happening to our breeze?

Where'd that wind go?

Ah well, we're still moving, sort of.

But not much.

Ah, here it comes back. Pulling out of the doldrums. This is apparently that forecasted wind shift from SW to SE.

Don at the tiller, with Bakers Island and Eagle Rock in the background.

The breeze finally picked up on our way back in.

Back in Salem Harbor John took a quick dip to cool off from the 90 temperature.

Back on Chip Ahoy's mooring, John rafted Malacass us with us for a while.

Don and I relax in Chip Ahoy's cockpit before taking Malacass ashore to the dock, and the 'traditional' Chip Ahoy sailing day cookout awaiting us up the hill. After dinner, John and Don took Malacass out to its mooring from the dock down the street, caught the launch back just before it ended service for the day at 10 pm.


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