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If you are a subscriber to this Catalina 22 discussion group, you're invited and encouraged to submit a photo and a short biography (150-words or so) of yourself that you'd like to share with fellow members and the world at large.  It should include mostly background on you from the beginning to today, so others can get a better idea of who you are and how you arrived here; e.g., education, military service (if any), jobs and avocations, other hobbies and interests, family, how you got into sailing, etc.

To participate, you need a decent photo of yourself -- with or without your boat -- but the photo should focus on you, not your boat. (We all know what a Catalina 22 looks like, strangely enough!) The bigger the photo file the better (within reason, of course!); I can edit it down to size, but I can't edit it up for detail and clarity.

Send it along as an attached file with a description of yourself, how you got involved with sailing and your Catalina 22, what you do in life, whatever you think is relevant and of interest of other members of the discussion group. The idea is to get to know each other better, to put a face with the message.

DO NOT send your bio/photo(s) to the discussion list e-mail address. The list has a maximum size of 50,000 characters per message and photos require far, far more than that. If you send it to the discussion list IT WILL ONLY BOUNCE.

Send your attached photo (preferably a  JPG file, but I can convert pretty much any graphic format) along with your bio to my personal e-mail address.

I reserve the right to edit for accuracy, length, and format -- and for your security. Do not put anything in your bio that you don't want the world to read on these pages.

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