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Posted 12/13/04 for Chris Hallinan ("Wings High:): A pirate ship floats on the ground near an island and a jumping dolphin six miles northeast of Sauk City, Wisconsin. It was captured by Louis J. Maher.

Posted 12/23/04 for Paul David: Paul's "Reflections" in Duck Arm, Australia. Paul sails out of Melbourne, Australia. Paul and Michael Coghlan ("Relentless") of Canberra, are the list's most distant subscribers.

Posted 1/16/05 for Wally Riddle ("Carpe Diem"): How a northern Catalina 22 pirate weathers the winter.

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Posted 1/19/05 for Bob Figueroa ("Ruah"). Sailing chapeau.

Posted 1/19/05 for Chip Ford ("Chip Ahoy"). Sailing chapeau.

Posted 4/9/05 for Garrett Dauphars ("Sting"):  Lake Pleasant, AZ.

Posted 4/14/05 for Garrett Dauphars ("Sting"): Racing in Arizona.

Posted 4/14/05 for Garrett Dauphars ("Sting"):  The end of a day's racing in Arizona.

Posted 4/12/05 for Karl Mielenhausen ("Impromptu"):  Boats from the 2004 C22 Great Lakes cruise; "Impromptu" is on the far right.

Posted  4/21/05 for Ken Brown (no name yet).
Warning:  This 1MB video can take a long time to download and buffer if you're using a dial-up connection.

Posted 10/19/05 for Rich Magner ("SeTherin")
Original oil painting  on canvas
16" X 20"
Artist: David S. Costanzo

Posted 5/25/06 for Bob Rayner ("Pooh"):  How many sea lions does it take to fill a C22?

Posted 5/27/06 for Jon Golliher ("Happy Daze").  Slipped on Prairie Creek Lake, IN.

Posted 6/27/06 for Bob Rayner ("Pooh"), our very own Canadian Coast Guardsman.

These are Gooseneck Barnacles they scraped off a weather buoy 200 miles out to sea.

From The Sky Over France

Warning:  This 3MB PowerPoint Presentation can take a long time to download and buffer if you're using a dial-up connection.

Posted 11/13/06 for Chip Ford
From the SAIL magazine calendar, November 2006.  The closest I've seen to the conditions on that fateful day aboard the "Even Song" in 1976.
Posted 12/16/2006 for Chip Ford Kent Kokko ("Surprise") and Millie --
"Here's my faithful sailing dog Millie, who died on Monday - 11/5/07.  There never was better crew."
Posted 1/18/08 for Kent Kokko
Original painting of "Surprise"
Acrylic  on canvas
Artist: Kathryn Lanasa

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