Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

Chip Ahoy's 2008 Maine Cruise
Seafaring to Chebeague Island, Casco Bay, Maine

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Back home, though the ground is still still pitching and rolling beneath me, I am on Terra Firma once again, in my own backyard! (Aug. 14)

Everyone wants know how I got so dark along this rainful cruise.  I tell them that it's not a tan -- it's rust!

Today I was finally ready to confront an actually rolling and pitching deck again, my land-legs having returned to a semblance of normal sometime yesterday.  Chip Ahoy needed to be aired and dried out, and the sun and wind seemed perfect for the task.  It would be perfect for sailing too, had I the ambition -- but I'm lucky to have had the ambition for this task alone.  (Aug. 17)

The first task was to get as many things removed from the cabin into the cockpit as I could . . .

. . . right after I opened the forward hatch wide and got circulation blowing through.

I opened up and moved everything else as much out of the way as possible, at least moved it from where it'd been moldering for a few weeks.

No hatch or compartment went unopened in my determination to air and dry out the cabin and compartments, and their contents.

The drop-down panel behind the aft dinette seatback, opening to the cockpit's port side lazarette with its clothes container within reach, now empty.  (The "All-Purpose Bucket" behind.)  My sailing hat hangs in the foreground.

Looking forward toward the open hatch.

The port side compartment beneath the forward dinette seat -- if I used the drop-down dinette table as a table instead of my bunk anyway.  It contains cooking gear, coffee percolator and fixings, lamp oil, and other things I want handy.

The starboard side compartment I use to store the toolbox, containers of hardware and fastenings, electrical tools and parts, and other maintenance things along with a spare fire extinguisher.

The port side compartment beneath the aft dinette seat, where I stow electrical chargers and adapters, first aid kit, flare kit, safety harness tethers, and other things I may need to reach in a hurry.

By late afternoon, the boat's interior had aired and dried out pretty well.  Maybe too much mold and mildew won't get a foothold after all.  I removed the CCRadio's solar panel from the window and stowed it, then took the bag of my good tools I bring along on cruises, the Maine chartbooks, and all the towels home with me when I left.  I'm almost back to normal -- almost . . .  (Aug. 17, 2008)

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