Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

Preparing for Sailing Season '08
The New Ullman Offshore Mainsail

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With the boomkicker overly bowed, the sail comfortably cleared the backstay by about an inch, even with all battens inserted.  I played around adjusting the boom's height upward as much as possible with an eye on sail roach clearance, kept sliding the boomkicker's bracket lower on the mast to minimize the bow, until I found the happy medium (on left) where the roach cleared the backstay if only barely.  But the top of the boom is now only 29 inches above the mast step, the head of the sail is a good foot beneath the top of the mast. and the boomkicker's swivel mast bracket is just a few inches above the mast step.  The boom now rides lower than it ever has.

The happy medium took a little of the bend out of the boomkicker, but I'm not satisfied at all with this outcome.  The boom is now mid-head level when I stand in the cockpit, definitely a solid head-basher if I ever fail to duck.

Another problem with the mainsail is that its foot is a bit too long -- or the boom is too short.  I'm coming to believe it's the latter, as I had a similar problem with the old mainsail.  Back then, I thought perhaps the sail had stretched over the years (it came with the boat).  There's not enough space between the sail's clew and the cap on the end of the boom for any sort of even halfway decent outhaul.  I've got the sail's loose foot just tied off tightly to the boom cap, until and unless there's a better solution.  The boom measures 9' 11" from mast slot to end cap, counting the 2" gooseneck.

After advice sought overnight and much provided through the discussion group list, the experts advised that I just raise the boom; that the roach rubbing the backstay was perfectly normal, nothing to be concerned with.  I need a slightly longer boom, which I'll deal with next spring after finding a replacement.  This morning, I followed the advice and adjusted everything back to where it was when I boarded Chip Ahoy yesterday!  Then I finally cast off the mooring at noon and went for the first sail of Season '08 at last.  Everything worked just fine, and it was great being out on the water again -- especially in this heat wave we're experiencing.  (Jun. 8, 2008)

Moving on with Season 2008 improvements
It's never-ending ... but Sailing Season '08 is ahead and coming!

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