Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

Why I hate winter in New England
Recent Weather Records
The coldest January in 111 years!
Marblehead Harbor Frozen Over - Jan. 21, 2004
Frozen Westside Dock & Salem Harbor Mooring Area - Jan. 26, 2004
Winter lingers; spring takes its time
The Salem News  l  March 18, 2004
The most rainfall in one day ever recorded
The April Fool's Day 2004 Flood
New England Monsoon Season '06
"The Mothers' Day Weekend Storm" that won't quit
"Worst flooding since the 1930s"
New May-June monsoon rainfall record set in Mass.
Why I Hate Winter!
What a New England sailor does the other half-a-year!
Annual Preparations for Winter
Preparation for Winter '08

----- Winter of 2003-04 -----
The Great Autumn Blizzard of '03 Marblehead Harbor Frozen Over
----- Winter of 2004-05 -----
The First Snow Storm of Winter 2004-05 The Great Blizzard of '05
The Second Blizzard of '05 The Winter That Refused to Quit
The Spring That Never Arrived  
----- Winter of 2005-06 -----
The Freak Autumn Nor'easter "Thundersnow" of '05 The Blizzard of '06
----- Winter of 2006-07 -----
Why I (don't) hate Winter '07 (so far . . .) Why I don't particularly hate Winter '07
The St. Patrick's Day Nor'easter The Patriots Day Nor'easter
---- Winter of 2007-08 -----
The First Snow Storm of Winter 2007-08 The First Nor'Easter snowstorm
Sheesh, three snowstorms in one week ?!? The First Nor'Easter of 2008
Just another snowstorm (Feb. 22, 2008)  
---- Winter of 2008-09 ----
The First Snow Storm of Winter 2008-09 More Winter Storms of 2008-09
---- Winter of 2009-2010 ----
Coming soon, too soon!