Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

Preparing for Sailing Season 2011
Refinishing the Cabin Shelf Trim
(Continued from the Refinishing the Cribboards Project)

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One thing leads to another. The new Cetol finish on the cribboard louvered vent's inside inspired me to take on another minor improvement, one I've thought about doing in the past. Refinishing the cabin shelf trim had a very low priority, but I've reached that point with Chip Ahoy.

After uncovering the boat yesterday I removed the teak strips, sanded them outside in the yard on the covered picnic table, then brought them into the laundry room 'work bench.'

(Note in the top-left photo on the right the Bounce dryer sheets scattered around the cabin; they do a great job of keeping the cabin smelling fresh over the long winter's storage. The photo alongside was taken last spring.)

Three or four coats of Cetol with some wet-sanding between should do the job.  (Apr. 15, 2011)

Last night I applied the first coat of Cetol/Penetrol mix. The dry teak sucked it right in, but this will have sealed the wood. Today I'll wet-sand with 220 then apply a second coat, which should fully seal the wood. The way the mix was absorbed, this little project will probably require at least four coats.  (Apr. 16, 2011)

Above:  After the first wet-sanding with 220 grit.
Ready for the second coat of Cetol/Penetrol. (Apr. 17, 2011)

Above: The second coat of Cetol/Penetrol.
Ready to be wet-sanded for another coat.  (Apr. 18, 2011)

Above:  The second wet-sanding with 220 grit completed.
On with the third application.  (Apr. 18, 2011)

After the third coat, a bit more aggressive wet-sanding will be necessary
before the next application.  (Apr. 18, 2011)

The third wet-sanding, again with 220 grit.
I'm getting there, but there's still more to go.  (Apr. 19, 2011)

I applied the fourth coat yesterday.
Almost there, maybe just one more.  (Apr. 20, 2011)

The trim pieces, wet-sanded for the fourth time with 220 yesterday;
the fifth coat applied. The finish is close to perfect.  (Apr. 21, 2011)

Wet-sanded for the fifth time, with 400 grit this time. Yesterday I
applied the sixth coat with more Penetrol added to the Cetol.  (Apr. 22, 2011)

The sixth and final I hope wet-sanding, again with 400 grit.  (April 22. 2011)

I applied the seventh and final coat of Cetol with even more Penetrol added,
close to a 50:50 mix. This job is done at last.  (Apr. 24, 2011) 

The cabin shelf trim refinishing, completed on Easter Sunday.
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