Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282 
l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

Upgrade, Repair, Restoration, Refinishing Projects and How-Tos

  Mounting the Delta Fast Set Anchor
  Danforth Anchor Chocks -- a failed idea!
  Replacing the Anchor Rode Deck Pipe
  Installing an Anchor Roller
  Installing Anchor Suspension Jaw Clamps on Bow Pulpit
  Replacing the VHF Coax Antenna Cable
  Adding an Adjustable Backstay
  Upgrading Backstay Eyebolts/Adding Access Covers
  Installing a Second Battery and Four-Way Switch
  Adding a Battery Cables Quick-Connect Plug
  Installing a Bilge Pump
  Replacing the Boom
  Adding a Boom Vang
  Post-Season Bottom Project
  The Bow Fiberglass Repair
  Reinforcing the Bow Stem Fitting
  The New-Style Cabin Curtains Project
  Replacing the Cabin Lights
  Refinishing the Cabin Shelf Trim
  How to Swage Cable using Nicropressing  (by Dick King)
  Carburetor Rebuild Project
  Upgrading the Chainplate Eye Bolts
  Covering Chip Ahoy for the Winter
  Rechroming the fuel locker Cowl Vents
  Refinishing the Cribboards  (2004)
  Revisiting and Refinishing the Cribboards  (2011)
  Replacing the Depth Gauge Project
  Covering the Dinghy
  Adding a Fishfinder/Transducer
  The Furlex Furler Installation
  The Galley Sink, Removed
  Adding a Gas Tank Transfer Hose for Spare Tank
  Adding a Forward Hatch to the Deck
  Adding a screen to the Forward Hatch
  Replacing  the Sink Drain Hose, Gate Valve and T-fitting
  Attaching the Jib Sheet (Double Becket Hitch)
  Keel Restoration Project
  How to Replace the Keel Cable  (by Dick King)
  Keel Cable, Hose, Turning Ball Replacement
  Replacing the Keel Hanger, Pin; adding Spacers
  Keel "Thunk" Repair Project
  Keel Winch Project
  Adding a Harken Lazy Jacks System
  Lettering Chip Ahoy's Name
  Replacing the Life Lines, Stanchions, adding a Stern Pulpit
  All-Lines-Led-Aft Project
  Adding Rub Strakes to the All-Lines-Led-Aft Project
  The New Ullman Offshore Full-Batten, Loose-Footed Mainsail
  Mast Grommets for Wiring Entrance/Exit
  Mast Hardware, Lights and Wiring Project
  Mast Support for Trailering/Storage
  Installing Mast Gates
  How to Install Mast Gates     (PDF)
  Upgrading the Mast Step Plate
  My Transient Mooring Solution  (Cruising)
  The Outboard Motor Mount Project
  Modifying the Outhaul
  Applying a Poli Glow Finish
  Pop Top Curtain (Cover) - For Sale SOLD
  The Pop Top Project
  Reefing Setup Options
  Small Repairs and Mini-Projects
  Rope Clutches
  Dinged Rudder Fiberglass Repair
  Increasing Rudder Lift Leverage
  Solving the Rudder Slop Project
  Personal Safety Aboard
  Replacing the Scuppers Hoses and Volcano Fitting
  Opening the Settee Backrest
  Switching Masthead Sheaves for 1/4" Line
  Sliding Hatch repair/refinishing
  Installing a Solar Panel
  Upgrading the Spreader Brackets
  How to Install Spreader Brackets     (PDF)
  Reinforcing the Stem/Bow Eye
  The Stern Pulpit, Stanchions and Lifelines Project
  Reinforcing the Stern Pulpit
  Reconditioning the Kenyon Marine Pressurized Stove
  Mounting a Swim Ladder
  Teak Trim Refinishing (2008)
  Teak Trim / Cribboard Refinishing (2014)
  Refinishing the Tiller
  Installing the Tiller-Pilot
  Working with Raymarine on the Flawed ST1000 Tiller-Pilot
  A new problem with my Raymarine ST2000 Tiller-Pilot
  The new Topping Lift
  The Trailer Project; a number of decisions
  Traveler Car & Control Lines
  Tweaking the Traveler Control Lines
  Ventilating the cabin
  VHF Radio Antenna Mount
  The 5MileWifi Project
  Replacing the Winches
  Mounting a Windex Wind Direction Indicator
  Removing and Resealing the Cabin Windows
  Preliminary Deck Wiring into the Cabin
  The Ongoing Wiring and Electrical Project


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