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If you are a subscribed member of the Catalina 22 list, post your list messages to:

Send it only from the e-mail address you used to be subscribed to the discussion group, or it will bounce.

If you are not a subscribed member and send e-mail to the above address, your message will bounce.


When you wish to begin a new topic or subject, make sure you create a new and appropriate subject line -- don't simply reply to a message that has no relationship to your intended topic then begin an entirely new discussion.  Create your own new topic in the subject line of your message, so your fellow subscribers have a clue of its contents and their level of interest in it.  (Learn how)

Since this list has grown past 250 member-subscribers, the volume of e-mail messages has increased, so we've devised a basic system to make sorting and reading the many daily messages easier through "subject prefix classification" within brackets.


Topics that relate to maintenance, improvements, upgrades, etc.  The Subject line for questions and responses within this subject should be prefixed with [TECH TIPS]; e.g., [TECH TIPS] -- How do I remove my keel? or, [TECH TIPS] -- How do I lower my mast?


Topics that focus primarily on racing skills, experiences and advice.  The Subject line for questions and responses within this topic should be prefixed with [RACING]; e.g., [RACING] -- What's the best starting line strategy?


Topics that focus primarily on cruising; questions, experiences, suggestions.  The Subject line for questions and responses within this topic should be prefixed with [CRUISING];  e.g., [CRUISING] -- Charting a course up the coast of Maine


Shorthand for Racing/Cruising.  Topics that are potentially of interest to both racers and cruisers, or which might overlap.  The Subject line for questions and responses within this topic should be prefixed with [R/C]; e.g., [R/C] -- Sailing to windward or [R/C] -- Reefing the main sail


Topics about equipment, parts, etc.  The Subject line for questions and responses within this topic should be prefixed with [GEAR]; e.g., [GEAR] -- What's the best GPS to buy?

[PARTS] Parts or boats for sale, trade or barter.  The subject line for posting or inquiries should be prefixed with [PARTS]; e.g., [PARTS] -- Slightly-used 150 Genoa for sale

Topics and questions about sails on a C22.  The Subject line for questions and responses within this topic should be prefixed with [SAILS]; e.g., [SAILS] -- Loose-footed sail or bolt rope?


Topics concerning safety issues, equipment, procedures.  The Subject line for questions and responses within this topic should be prefixed with [SAFETY]; e.g., [SAFETY] -- Self-inflating life vests? or [SAFETY] -- Man Over Board, how to recover


Topics a writer doesn't know which category to apply.  The Subject line for questions and answers within this topic should be prefixed with [GENERAL]; e.g., [GENERAL] -- Can't find the hull/sail number on my boat or [GENERAL] -- Anyone in the Atlanta area?


That which pertains to list administration or maintenance.  The Subject line for questions and responses within this topic should be prefixed with [LIST]; e.g., [LIST] -- How do I unsubscribe? or [LIST] -- Notice to subscribers


Shorthand for Off-Topic, irrelevant to many -- fair warning that the message might not be of interest to everyone.  The Subject line for questions and responses within this topic should be prefixed with [OT];  e.g., [OT] -- Best restaurants on the Portland waterfront

[ISSUES] Okay, I give up: I apparently can't keep politics off this list.  If you must pontificate, use this Subject Line Prefix; e.g., [ISSUES] -- ie., "Global warming on Jupiter in 2050 affects the summer regatta and penguins in Brazil."

Please choose the proper category prefix for any message you post to the discussion group list.  Then use all upper-case (capital) letters within brackets, e.g., [PREFIX] to denote your subject prefix and distinguish your change of topics from others previously posted.  Hopefully, this will make sorting and/or filtering by interest(s) more manageable and reading messages less onerous as the volume grows.


Changing the subject line is really quite simple. Click "respond" to any message. When the new message window opens on your screen, just highlight the subject line, tap the "Delete" key, then type in a subject line prefix (see below) and a subject title that's appropriate for the topic you want to write about.

Then move your cursor down to the message body where the text from the old message appears. Highlight it (or "Select All" -- by holding down the "Ctrl" key and "A" key simultaneously) and tap the "Delete" key to get a new, clean area in which to compose your new topic's message.

Or easier yet, just begin a new message thread of your own:

Start with a blank new message window.

Address your message to:

Send it from the e-mail address you used to be subscribed to the discussion group.

Create an appropriate subject line for your topic, with a proper subject prefix; see SUBJECT LINE AND PREFIXES above.

Compose your message, then just click "Send."

The Subject line on your message will appear on the discussion group as:  [Catalina 22] [PREFIX] Your new topic.

When someone responds to your message, "Re:" will be automatically generated before [Catalina 22] in the subject line of the responder's message. [Catalina 22] is also automatically generated by the listserver host; it's the unique name of this specific list.

Then your fellow subscribers know that a "Re:" message is actually, honestly, and accurately in response to the specific subject/topic, and can choose to read, ignore, or delete it depending on their interest -- and everyone is happy.


Since the design specifics of Catalina 22s have gone through many changes over the decades -- especially when a subscriber seeks information among other discussion group members -- he or she should include a signature line (like mine below) at the end of each message.  It's also just a matter of list courtesy, so we know a little about whose message we're reading.

Chip Ford --
Marblehead, Mass.
1974 Swing Keel "Chip Ahoy" #3282

You can learn how to find your sail/hull number (and year built) by CLICKING HERE.


If you ever want to be removed from the list, unsubscribe yourself from this mailing list, send an e-mail message to . . .

. . . with the following command in the body of your message:

unsubscribe c22

Leave the subject line blank.

If you intend to unsubscribe yourself temporarily (if going on vacation, extended business trip, etc.) and want to be resubscribed later:

When you're ready to come back, either contact me directly or use the e-mail address below. If you've already been "qualified," approved and subscribed once, you don't need to fill out the application form again.  You should unsubscribe yourself -- but only I can resubscribe you.


If you ever need to contact the owner of the list, (if you have trouble unsubscribing after you've tried, or have questions about the list itself), to reach a live sailor contact me directly, or send e-mail to:

Use an appropriate subject, and in the body of your message state your problem or question. We'll get back to you ASAP.

If you saved my Personal Welcome Message to you when you were first subscribed -- as I requested when I welcomed you -- then you have my e-mail address and telephone number.


There's been a little confusion among some members about how to handle addressing a message to this list.

The practice of copying it (cc or bcc) to other lists, and copying messages from other lists to this one has already drawn some complaints from other subscribers.

Simply put, don't copy what you send to this list to any other list, and; don't copy what you send to other lists to this list.

Remember, a primary reason why I bothered to create this list and continue to provide and maintain it was and remains e-mail address security:  if you copy your message or response to the Sailnet list, you've just defeated that very purpose and put others at risk!  So why am I bothering?

Second, nobody on other lists has a clue what you’re talking about when you send a copy of your response to something on this list, or vice versa. Besides, many if not all of us are subscribers to the other lists as well and don't need or want two or three copies of everything you write.

If you want to participate in this Catalina 22 discussion group list, then send your messages and responses only to:

If you want to send a message or response to any other list, use only that other list's address -- do not copy it to this list too.


If you're going to be away for any length of time, please unsubscribe yourself until your return.  When you're ready to receive discussion group messages again, contact me directly off-list and I'll immediately resubscribe you.

If you don't, when your e-mail box becomes full list messages will be bounced back to my ISP and forwarded to me -- not only every time a new message is sent to the discussion group but every time your e-mail provider tries to resend the same message on to you, exponentially numerous times.  This will quickly fill my mailbox and jam it up.  If this occurs for more than a day, you will be unsubscribed from the discussion group list.  When you return and realize you're not getting list mail any more, you will then have to contact me anyway -- but by telephone.


The server that hosts this discussion list has a limit on message size (the length or content of your message) of not greater than 50,000 characters. This is more than sufficient for any message created in plain text. HTML messages use up more space with hidden coding, but still should present no problems. The problem enters when someone tries to attach a file or photo. That will not go through -- it will only bounce -- so please don't bother both of us by trying.


Three strikes you're out. If anyone forwards their e-mail to another "alias" address and it bounces three times (and I can identify them), they will be unsubscribed until and unless they provide a legitimate and functioning real e-mail address. They will of course need to resubscribe, and to accomplish that will require a phone call assuring me that the new address is legitimate.  (My phone number is included in the header of the "Welcome" message you received when you first were subscribed -- the one I asked you at that time to save.)


Please be careful when you post messages to this list that you use the e-mail address with which you have been subscribed. I've been getting a number of bounced messages from subscriber-members who have multiple e-mail addresses and are using the wrong one to post to the list; thus it is rejected and bounced to me. I have been contacting them off-list informing them, or forwarding their message to the list for them. Due to the volume of messages and number of subscribers, that practice has been discontinued. If you post a message to the list and it doesn't show up, check the address you used to send it.


You might want to consider creating a filter and new folder in your e-mail program so discussion group traffic is sent directly there instead of clogging your active Inbox.  Each e-mail program has its unique way of accomplishing this, so there's no universal advice -- but if you ask about it among the other subscribers on the list, you'll probably find the answer for your situation.


No commercial advertising is permitted in messages posted to the list:  sale or barter of Catalina 22 parts, equipment, or boats is the one and only exception.  Posting of commercial advertising is grounds for immediate termination of a member-subscriber from the discussion group.


There is no list archive available due to privacy and security considerations. For more details or information on a digest format click here.


A section of this website contains "Discussion list members, in their own words." It provides a photo of a list member and his/her biography in their own words.

To submit an entry:

First, you must be an authorized subscriber to the list.

Next, your bio text should be about 150± words. (Please, keep it reasonably short -- not "War and Peace")  Take a look at the page before you start putting yours together to get a feel for its length.

I reserve the right to edit for accuracy, length, and format -- and for your security. Don't put anything in your bio that you don't want the world to read -- and don't include your e-mail address in your bio text; I will definitely remove that for your own security.

If you want to participate, USE MY PERSONAL E-MAIL ADDRESS.

DO NOT send it to this list address or hit "Reply" -- it will bounce.

Send along your 150± words describing yourself and attach the photo you want posted alongside your bio. Your photo should be as large (file size) as possible. (I cannot edit it up if it's too small, but I can edit it down if it's too large.)  Send it to my personal e-mail address.

The photo should be of you -- not just your boat. We on this list all know what Catalina 22s look like: we all own one. The purpose of this page is to get to know more about you and each other. Again, take a look at the page to see examples of what we're looking for.

There is another page available, if you want to also include a photo of your boat, "Discussion List Members' Boats," at the time you participate in "Discussion List Members in Their Own Words" or any time afterward.


There is no charge for a subscription. Like so much else we do with our boats, it’s a labor of love. But any and all contributions to help defray the cost of maintaining this service will of course be gratefully accepted, and you will be duly entered on the roles as a List Sponsor.


"The Natural Life Cycle of Mailing Lists," by Kat Nagel

We hope you'll join us aboard soon!

Chip Ford, list administrator

To contact me directly, click below

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