Welcome to the Catalina 22 Discussion Group List! This is not the first such list or even the only such list. But after a couple of years subscribed to some of the others, I found that all have shortcomings that I've strived to overcome. "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

We hope it soon becomes the best such list, though it's not intended as competition. Itís an alternative and an additional option for the C22 community. This is, I think, "a better mouse trap."

This list is intended for and dedicated to that Catalina 22 sailing community across the country and around the world. Itís a place to meet and discuss mutual interests in our boats and exchange ideas concerning their restoration, maintenance, improvement and seamanship. Here we freely discuss all aspects of owning and sailing our boats, and continue our camaraderie.

It is especially intended to be as secure as I can make it. I respect your privacy as much as my own. Therefore, all information provided when subscribing to this list is kept entirely confidential, used only to qualify a subscription applicant. Not only will it never be given to anyone else, it will never be posted anywhere else, where it could be compromised.

All e-mail addresses provided for subscription are kept strictly within this closed list; they are not posted anywhere else (as one C22 list does), where they can be harvested by spammers or subject to virus attacks. The form application method below eliminates most of that problem. Approving and providing subscriptions individually to each qualifying applicant by a human administrator further screens out others. (I've even phoned a few of applicants before subscribing them when I was in doubt, or when there was a problem with their e-mail address.)

But you must fill out the application form in its entirety -- every field with correct information that I can check and verify -- or you will not be considered for a subscription.

Each otherís e-mail addresses are available within the header of messages posted to this list; so approved and subscribed members can contact each other privately off-list (unlike another of the Catalina 22 forums).

If you decide to apply for a free subscription, please read carefully the List Instructions so you don't waste both of our time with bounced messages to the list.

See the information about a list archive or digest format if you have any questions about either.

With a list owned and administered by both committed Catalina 22 owners and active list participants, any problems encountered with it are dependably corrected quickly and efficiently Ė assuming weíre not both out sailing at the same time!

There is no charge for a subscription. Like so much else we do with our boats, itís a labor of love. But any and all contributions to help defray the cost of maintaining this service will of course be gratefully accepted.  (See: List Sponsors)

With now over 270 member-subscribers from around the world and always growing, we hope to see you aboard soon!

Chip Ford, Administrator
"Chip Ahoy" - #3282


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Not intended as a place to ask boat questions --
join the discussion group then ask them there!


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If you don't know your boat's Sail Number or its Year Built (both derived from its HIN or
Hull Identification Number), you'll find it on your boat's bill-of sale, its title, or its state registration.
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