Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282 
l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

Preparing for Sailing Season '05
The Stern Pulpit, Stanchions and Lifelines Project - Page 2

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Chip Ahoy with its new stern pulpit, stanchions and lifelines. (See a photo of before the project for comparison.)

The final touch was to add the additional stern pulpit lifeline. I was advised by CD to wait before ordering it until I had a good measurement between the two pulpit stanchions -- but this turned out to be unnecessary:  I had to cut and swage the lifeline cable to fit anyway. The starboard end has another pelican hook within reach of the swim ladder.  (Apr. 27, 2005)

I thought that was the "final touch" -- until I saw how wobbly the two stern rails were when any pressure was applied to the stern lifeline connecting the two. Using Skip Meisch's modification as a plan, I put together the materials and tools, much of both left over from previous projects (e.g., the lifeline remnants, my old chainplate eyebolts and turnbuckles, the Johnson Marine cable cutting and hand-crimping tool from the lifelines kit. I decided to use Johnson Marine adjusters instead of the old turnbuckles.) West Marine loaned me a Loos swaging tool, and I got advice on using it from a few members of on the discussion list, especially Dick King's detailed instructions.  (May 1, 2005)

As Skip recommended on his "Slow Flight" website, I positioned the cables as far aft and outboard as possible, then marked and drilled two 3/8" holes for the old eyebolts. I sealed the holes with 3M 4200 then loosely secured the bolts beneath the coaming with fender washers and nyloc nuts. Next, I attached Johnson Marine adjusters to the eyebolts then measured and cut the cables to length.

After cutting and swaging the remnant lifeline cables to the connector sleeves that thread into the adjuster using the Johnson Marine hand-crimping tool, I used the large Loos crimping tool to swage the two cables to the stern rails, one side at a time.

The final step was threading the swaged connectors back into their adjusters and tightening up each's tension.

A close-up of the starboard side adjuster and one of the old 3/8" chainplate eyebolts. I had intended to use a pair of Chip Ahoy's old turnbuckles, but couldn't find threaded swage sleeves to fit them, then came across Johnson Marine short adjuster lifeline fittings at West Marine and knew a pair of them would be perfect for the job.

Another close-up of the starboard side adjuster and one of the old 3/8" chainplate eyebolts. Tomorrow, after the 3M 4200 sealer is cured, I'll tighten up the eyebolts, the adjusters and their locking nuts and fasten the cotter rings.

A close-up of the swaged cable attachment to the stern rail. Mission accomplished; labor time, 1-1/2 hours. (Planning time: much of rainy yesterday!)

UPDATE  (May 2, 2005):  With everything tightened up and adjusted, the stern pulpit is now rock solid!

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It's never-ending ... but spring has arrived and Sailing Season '05 is in sight

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