Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

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mastheadnew02.jpg (335784 bytes)

The new masthead truck and spinnaker crane arrived last week (Oct. 8, 2003).

mastheadnew03.jpg (331275 bytes)

It's time to get started for next season, before the snow begins falling again.

mastheadold01.jpg (332670 bytes)

I removed the old masthead truck and all the attached hardware, eg., the VHF antenna, Windex, anchor light and stays. (I discovered the likely problem with the VHF all summer: When I had the boatyard haul a guy up to the top of the mast in July to check it out he replaced the connector -- then didn't screw on the threaded cable connector casing. He just plugged it in and left it loose!)

seatback01.jpg (245008 bytes)

One of the worst wasted spaces on my 1974 Catalina 22 was the forward space beneath the port cockpit seat, the space behind the port settee backrest. I lived with it last season but was determined to open it up as soon as I could.

seatback02.jpg (236173 bytes)

I had Marblehead Trading Company's woodwork shop cut a hole out in the bulkhead cover. Ace and Marshall then attached a piano hinge and latch. Now I'll be able to access that wasted area from inside the cabin after removing the backrest cushion.

seatback03.jpg (253689 bytes)

A view from the backside.

The panel installed (far right).
winch02.jpg (489560 bytes)

As long as winter is approaching, and the keel's off, I've decided to take apart the keel winch, get rid of the rust, prime, repaint, and grease it up for the spring.

( Go to the keel winch restoration project )

Village_St.jpg (355729 bytes)

Here's a view of my mooring area from in front of my driveway (on the right behind the telephone pole). With the leaves gone, there's a clear view of Salem Harbor below. It's a short 300 yard walk down to the town dock (removed for the winter) at the end of the street where I tie up my dinghy, but coming home up that hill -- much steeper than it deceptively looks from this angle -- is a haul. Even so, I sure can't complain about convenience!

tiller01.jpg (312136 bytes)

Winter's a good time to get at the mundane little things, like refinishing the tiller. Cabin fever led to obsessive perfection! (Feb. 6 - Mar. 7, 2004)

( Go to the tiller refinishing project )

keelproj01.jpg (335898 bytes)

The keel restoration is completed; I'll trailer Chip Ahoy down to the boatyard on Monday and have it installed. Today I just completed replacing everything from the keel up to the winch (which I've reconditioned) including a new turning ball and pin, hose, and cable.   (Mar. 13, 2004)

Note:  When I subsequently added a second battery and switch, I also eliminated the galley sink drain hose, and replaced the remaining hoses with clear ones.  CLICK HERE

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It's never-ending ... but the best times are again growing closer!


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