Chip Ford's 1974 Catalina 22 Restoration Project
Sail #3282  l  Marblehead, Massachusetts

The never-ending project to fill my hole in the ocean while bailing it out

Preparing for Sailing Season '04

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oldstyle_eyebolts.jpg (225322 bytes)

The original 3/8" chainplate eyebolts.

new_eyebolts02.jpg (210437 bytes)

The new 1/2" chainplate eyebolts with backing plates, installed in exactly the same position and direction as the original ones above.  (Apr. 17, 2004)

This is precisely the wrong way to install them!

new_eyebolts03.jpg (233563 bytes)

While here to assemble and install my new roller-furler yesterday, sailmaker Josh Bevins immediately noticed that I'd incorrectly installed the chainplate eyebolts 90 off, so I removed and corrected their direction.  The bottom turnbuckle clevis pins must run forward-aft:  the middle eyebolts on port and starboard side that hold the upper shrouds should run parallel with the boat's center line. The other two on each side should be at a slight angle:  the tops of each eyebolt should point directly at the mast. The turnbuckles thus can pivot on the lower clevis pins in and out toward the mast.  (May 8, 2004)

new_backstay01.jpg (202597 bytes)

The first step in upgrading the original backstay required adding a new eyebolt on the transom.  (Apr. 17, 2004)

new_backstay02.jpg (200771 bytes)

On the lower right is the original off-center 3/8" backstay eyebolt; across on the left behind the traveler is the new 1/2" addition. I lucked out when I drilled a pilot hole and found the brass plate (beats "winning the brass ring"!) beneath the fiberglass, so I only had to drill and tap instead of wrestling from beneath to thru-bolt it. I've left all the hardware bedded in the 3M 4200 sealant just a bit more than finger-tight today,  and tomorrow will crank it all down tight.  (More on installing the eyebolt and cockpit access covers)

windex01.jpg (498732 bytes)

This morning, after tightening down all the hardware I installed yesterday into the 3M sealant, I first reinstalled my VHF antenna, then installed a new Davis universal masthead mount for my Windex wind direction indicator.  (Apr. 18, 2004)

Close-up detail     --     Closer-up detail

windex02.jpg (454434 bytes)

The way I mounted it last season  likely contributed to if not caused the masthead failure, so I found a better way. Using the brackets that came with the Davis kit, I drilled and tapped two 10/24 holes into the top of the masthead aft of the halyard sheaves.

windex03.jpg (425375 bytes)

Using the two universal brackets that were included in the Davis kit, I attached one to the masthead using the two holes I'd drilled/tapped. I cut down the extension bar after checking for clearance with the VHF antenna, then flattened and drilled the end that accepts the Windex rod. Once everything was mounted in place, I adjusted the Davis extension bar to horizontal.

Close-up detail

windex04.jpg (280131 bytes)

Here's a closer-up look at how the Windex is fastened to the masthead.

lazyjack07.jpg (371643 bytes)

The Harken 252 Lazy Jack and topping lift project completed.  (May 9, 2004)

(I subsequently moved the aft lazy jacks lines further back on the boom.)

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It's never-ending ... but spring is in the air at last, the projects have begun!


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